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Pylon Poets are an Alternative Rock band from Torquay, Devon, UK.

Inspired by the sounds of many rock, synth and high energy bands, the end result is a blended, unique sound, staying true to their sonic vision. 

The new E.P ‘Lucid Hallucinations’ was recorded by Barnaby Ray at Momentum Studios in Plymouth and mixed and mastered by Josiah J Manning (Kris Barras Band, Moriaty, Wille and the Bandits, Ethyrfield, Jack J Hutchinson).  

Pylon Poets have a back catalogue of melodic synth layered songs combining themes of the modern world, pop culture, love and political statements, the band continue to reach audiences with relatable lyrical content, sing along choruses and striking imagery.

With two previous UK tours and an array of festival appearances, the band has shared festival stages with artists such as Reef, GUN, Fun Lovin' Criminals and Scouting for Girls.

Pylon Poets continue to grow as they explore new genres, delve in to experimentation and aim to break new musical barriers.

Combining elements of the current world situation, mental health and dream states, the new E.P  ‘Lucid Hallucinations’ was released on all online platforms on 18th December 2020.


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