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These are the songs that have been inspiring us this month with some features from artists we've had the pleasure of performing with.





Istanbul not Constantinople – They Might Be Giants


  • Bit of a quirky one but it’s been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now; it has a cool Middle Eastern vibe that hits the ears fresh. Very enjoyable.


  • Harmony Hall – Vampire Weekend


  • Vampire Weekend all but passed me by when they first arrived, at the time my musical taste being somewhat embarrassingly ‘if it’s not metal it’s not for me!’  This track has several different feels which keep your interest through the track, all the while displaying very nice vocal melodies throughout.  If this is typical of the band I foresee myself seeking out more of their music soon!


  • The Less I Know The Better – Tame Impala


    Great Bass groove and beautiful dreamy vocals, what more could you want? I could probably listen to this song for hours… and to be fair I probably have!

    Letting Go – Eternity Forever


When I was learning jazz harmony at college I may have been slightly more receptive if it was packaged like this! The whole EP This track comes from is blinding! Well worth the listen!


  • Make Me Feel – Janelle Monae


In a post Prince World it always intrigues me when someone releases a track that sounds so much like the man himself. It probably helps that he was heavily involved with this project before his death. With an infectious drum groove and hooks for days this track is likely to be on my playlist for a very long time!



  • Heavy For You – The Heavy


After hearing the song "Short Change Hero" from the Borderlands 2 Soundtrack I was immediately hooked. I listened to the their discography in a few hours whilst drunk and loved them. This song is from their forthcoming album and I'll be seeing them live in May.


  • Break It To Me – Muse


Muse are a band I've been listening to for 18 years and they never fail to peek my interest. This track combines the rawness of Rage Against the Machine and production of a Justin Timberlake I'll also be seeing Muse live AGAIN in June.


  • All I Need – Radiohead


Hate them or love them, Radiohead are incredibly talented, innovative and damn relatable. Easily one of my biggest influences. The record "In Rainbows" is on my rotation a lot and I adore this track from it.


  • Hole In Your Heart – Royal Blood


Royal Blood rock!! End of.



  • If Lovin’ You Is Wrong – Faithless


Faithless have been one of my favourite artists for years. I'm a sucker for Trance, House, Dance (you name it) genres. I once hosted a Britain's Got Talent local audition and a burlesque group danced (VERY WELL) to this song and it's! What a memory.



  • Rattle – Wandering Hearts


I saw the Wandering Hearts in Bristol at the end of February and I was in awe of the live vocal harmonies and the clever song writing.


  • Replica – Big Talk


I’ve always been a big Killers fan and thought I would take a listen to all of their solo material. This one is everything I like to hear in a song and it’s impossible for me to get this out of my head once I’ve heard it.


  • Shoot Me Straight – Brothers Osborne


This one got me hooked as soon as I heard it. The powerful chorus and the groove throughout this song is too good to not sing along to.


  • There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths


There’s only a handful of songs by The Smiths that I enjoy but this one came out of no where. The way the vocal melody flows effortlessly over the chord progressions and the use of strings and synths for texture made this one of my songs of the moment.



  • New Sensation – INXS


This one has been a long-time favourite. The guitar loop instantly sets the tone for the whole song and the addition of horns and some tasteful synth parts make this song stand out. The drop is also great and gives the song an extra impact.








  • Got Lucky – All Ears Avow


Imagine if all the members of Paramore had a personality, that’s All Ears Avow! Having played with this band a couple of times now, most recently at The Cavern in Exeter we have grown rather fond of this band, their sound and attitude. Definitely worth going and seeing next time they are in your area!


  • Life Begins – Winchester


The sound this band produces belies their chilled out attitude when you meet them in person! With big riffs, intense vocals and big stage personalities this band is definitely one to see, and with Shaun of the Dead themed stickers you know their taste in movies can’t be understated!


  • Things Don’t Last – Quorum


A big punk rock attitude from this band, with great grooves and great stage presence this band has a lot of energy to share with any audience. Though considering some of them work in a barbershop there was a disappointing lack of 4 part harmonies!


  • Set Me Free – The Stone Angels


The Final track off our self-titled EP, make sure you listen to this hear as it’s exceedingly difficult to sing live!


  • Over & Out – The Stone Angels


Our latest single, Contrary to our previous song this one is much easier to sing so you will definitely be hearing it at our live shows!




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