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These are the songs that have been inspiring us this month with some features from artists we've had the pleasure of performing with.






Released: August 2019


Montaigne is a singer, songwriter from Australia.  Her vocals are reminiscent of Florence and the Machine in places due to the vocal acrobatics that take place. The production is also excellent, the lyrical content however is the stand out from this track.  The lyrics deal with a failed relationship and the word Complex takes on two meanings in the lyrics, one meaning being the complexity of the relationship in and of itself and the other being an allusion to the subject of the song having a messiah complex. 




South Of The River

Tom Misch


Released: 2018


South of the River is a track by English musician Tom Misch. This track is heavily influenced by old school disco and has an infectious groove and a beautiful melody line played on the violin. The lyrics paint a loved up vision of living 'South of the River' in London and the track has beautiful musical adornments throughout, if you like your music with vibes of Jamiroquai and old school disco this track is one you don't want to miss.



Pro Memoria



Released: 2018


Ghost are a Swedish rock band whose only constant member is the singer Tobias Forge, otherwise known as Papa Emeritus.  Ghost are what happens when you form a Metal band with the weird kid at school who loves Musical theatre... and I for one am all for it!  This track is dramatic and beautifully melodic even if it is quite a dark subject matter, reminding us that we all must die one day, so as the song says, 'don't forget about your friend death!'




Walking On A Dream

Empire Of The Sun

Walking On A Dream

Released: 2008


Empire Of The Sun are an Australian electronic duo who formed in 2007.  Aesthetically Empire of the Sun are heavily inspired by the 70's. Musically this song is very simple and the production is tight. The song lasts exactly as long as it needs to and doesn't outstay its welcome despite the repetitiveness of the lyrics.  Lyrically its about searching for the thrill of love and wondering if when you get that thrill if it is real.  This song is an excellent choice for when your chilling out, the soft falsetto vocals are incredibly catchy and the groove is infectious.





Plastic Beach

Released: March 2010


Gorillaz are a virtual band created in 1998.  This track hails from the bands 3rd Studio Album 'Plastic Beach.' This track features guest vocals from American Rapper Mos Def and most notably the legendary Bobby Womack, this was his first professional recording he'd taken part in for about 15 years so quite the moment.  This songs groove is relentless and propels the song forward in an almost hypnotic way, Womack's vocals nicely contrast the almost monotone and robotic delivery of the other vocal parts. This creates a sort of tension between the more naturalistic elements of the song and the more alive feeling elements.









Famous Last Words

My Chemical Romance

The Black Parade

Released: 2007


My Chemical Romance are a band from New Jersey, formed in 2001. This track is from their third album which everyone knows at least one song from.

I was never a huge fan when this album was first released but my appreciation grew for it about three weeks ago. The production on this track is amazing, dynamics are equally as impressive and not forgetting the riff and infectious melodies help you forget that this song is 5 minutes long.



Love Me

The 1975

I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It

Released: 2015


There’s only a couple of songs by the 1975 that I like and this is one of them funnily enough.

The main thing that grabs me is its 80’s vibe, groove, vocal arrangement, structure and instrumentation.

There’s visible influences from some of the greats like Prince, Bowie and Peter Gabriel.



Nine in the Afternoon

Panic at the Disco

Pretty. Odd.

Released: 2008


This song was originally released via Myspace…anyone feel old yet? Anyway. This has been a long time favourite by Panic. I still haven’t listened to the full album though, probably should change that soon.

The Beatles-esque delivery of this song and the brass sections along with the vocal melodies make sure this song get stuck in my head every time I hear it.

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

John Mayer

Where the Light is: John Mayer Live in L.A

Released: 2008


This is by far the best version of this song. Recorded at his mega show in L.A which featured three different styled sets in one night.

The playing on the live version of this track is incredible. The whole band are perfect and the outro on this is the real reason for me choosing this track. Guitar harmonies, textured backing vocals, passion, it’s all there.



Can’t Deny My Love

Brandon Flowers

The Desired Effect

Released: 2015


This track is from the second solo album by The Killers’ front man. This encompasses everything he’s about musically. Everything has been cleverly thought out on this with multiple layers of synths, percussive verses, a Madonna-esque bridge section with a dirty synth bass and hook’s all over it. Instant favourite from the moment I heard it.








Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit

As iconic frontmen go, Chester Bennington solidified his status through American Nu-Metal giants Linkin Park. Their first two albums 'Hybrid Theory' and 'Meteora' were very influential for me and millions of others as teenagers and the sad news of his death in 2017 hit us all hard. The song 'Breaking The Habit' introduced Linkin Parks softer side as a band with Chesters lyrical work describing the struggles of addiction and how we all suffer from time to time. Also the video is a brilliant craft of Anime.

John Williams - Duel of the Fates

Probably the most recognisable film composer of modern times? Responsible for the likes of 'Indiana Jones' , Harry Potter, 'Jaws' , 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'E.T', John Williams is a huge influence for me and my instrumental work. I've gone for what he's probably most famous for which is 'Star Wars'. This piece of music first used in 'The Phantom Menace' has a real darkness and sombre feel with the massive choir accompanying arppegiated orchestral work.

Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia

Emo nostalgia! Green Days Rock Opera full of politics, drugs and Punk idiocy, you all know the album so I suggest you indulge yourself in it and have a nostalgia trip. I've chosen this for the main reason I'm seeing them live for the first time next year alongside Weezer and Fall Out Boy. 14 year old me is screaming!

U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name

Here's a song by a band I don't like! However, credit is due where credit is deserved and this is VERY much deserved. U2 are one of the biggest bands of all time for a reason and even if it's purely for their seminal album 'Joshua Tree' so be it. It is absolutely fantastic and the opening track is what I've gone for. Huge song, huge album, huge band. I still don't like them...

Audioslave - Like a Stone

It's Rage Against the Machine meets Soundgarden! It's incredible. Tom Morello is my favourite riff writer of all time and Chris Cornell is one of the finest vocalists in music to ever exist. This album is full of iconic riffs such as 'Cochise' and 'Show Me How To Live' but I've gone for a song which send shivers through me every time I listen to it. It's sadly another reminder of a man who had his struggles and took his own life. We can never thank these musicians enough for what they give to the world.




Just A Ride

Hunted By Elephants

Rise of the Elephant

Released: 2019


Hunted by Elephants are a Rock band from London England who have recently released their debut album and we have the pleasure of playing with them in Plymouth on the 5th of October.  If you like your rock music influenced by Deep Purple then these guys are for you.  With a riff reminiscent of Highway Star this song rocks hard and is definitely one you’ll find yourself head-banging to if you see them live!




The Stone Angels

Released: 2019


Reason is our latest single, and may be featured on a new album in the future.  This track is inspired by one of our greatest influences, The Killers.  With what we think is a very catchy call and response between the guitar and the synths and a high energy chorus that we hope will get you bouncing along with us.  We hope you enjoy it!





Released: 2019


Turner is a Bristol based indie band highly influenced by artists such as CHVRCHES and The Wombats.  This track has great energy and builds and falls in tension excellently throughout, the unison vocals add a sweet and melodic layer that definitely warrants multiple listens. The track is bookmarked nicely by the melancholy opening chords, an excellent way to end!



It’s Always Been You

No Sunlight

You Can’t Take a Picture of This, It’s Already Gone

Released: 2018


No Sunlight is an Alternative/Post Hard-core band hailing from Manchester.  We were lucky enough to play with these guys during our recent tour at The Peer Hat in Manchester.  No Sunlight is the first track off of their 2018 release.  The track has great energy and the guitar work is excellent and brings a great sense of momentum to proceedings and helps develop the track as it goes.  The call and response in the chorus is a great way to bring the momentum of the track up and makes for a very memorable song.



Golden Rays of Salvation

The Stone Angels

Spirit, Love and Higher Meanings

Released: 2016


Golden Rays of Salvation is the final track off of our debut release, Spirit, Love and Higher Meanings.  It was, despite its length relative to the other tracks on the album, the song that took the least amount of time to write.  It was written on the same day that David Bowie passed and the title and subject matter was inspired from the lyrics of his masterpiece, ‘Oh You Pretty Things.’  It’s definitely one of our more ambitious songs and features some of our favourite synth work from any of our material.






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